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Civil Unrest in Philadelphia (10/27/20)

Dear Campus Community,
The Department of Public Safety is monitoring the protest activities occurring around 52nd and Samson Streets, as well as potential protests planned for this evening.  While there are no known events planned in Clark Park or immediately adjacent to campus, there is always the possibility that protests can expand and migrate to our area.
We ask our campus community to take extra caution this evening and over the coming days as we approach the election, especially if you live or travel through the vicinity of planned protest activities.
We will continue to monitor the situation with the Philadelphia Police Department and our other University City partners, and will share urgent information as needed through our Department of Public Safety Emergency Text Messaging, the Department of Public Safety Emergency Blog and email.
University of the Sciences
Department of Public Safety & Preparedness
For emergencies on campus: Dial 9-1-1 and then USciences DPS at 215-596-7000