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USciences COVID-19 Task Force Update (9/18/2020)

To: All Staff, Faculty, and Students

We’ve made it through the first half of September, and it’s finally starting to feel like fall!  We continue to acknowledge all of the hard work being done on and off campus by our community.  For faculty, staff, and students trying to balance work and study with child care and remote learning for their own children – thank you for hanging in there and we see you!  For students learning in new and sometimes challenging settings and ways: Keep it up!  We’ll get through it together.  

Thanks to all of our community who have read and are abiding by our guidelines for staying safe on campus – we are counting on you to continue through the semester (and beyond) in order to keep everyone healthy.  As many in public health know, if we do everything right, nothing happens – and we wonder if the inconvenience and sacrifice was worth it.  Having seen what has happened at many other institutions this fall, we can tell you that it is!

For all, remember our four key guidelines for being on campus:

  1. Wear a mask

  2. Keep 6 feet apart

  3. Practice good hygiene

  4. Monitor your health daily

Today’s Task Force communication has some important reminders, so please review in its entirety.

Guidelines for individuals using the library

The J.W. England Library is one of the few university libraries in the city that remains open for student use, and we want to keep it that way!  Our library faculty and staff have worked hard to make this a safe and healthy space for work and study.  As a reminder, all of the spaces in the library that are accessible to students are considered public, and masks are required at all times, without exception.  We have had a number of instances in the last week where individuals were found in the library without masks.  Students who do not abide by this guideline will be asked to leave the library and may be referred to the Student Conduct process.  Please help us to keep the library safe and available for use by the university community.


Masks and plexiglass shielding

We have received several questions about the need for masks if and when individuals are working behind plexiglass shielding.  We want to reconfirm with everyone that masks are required at all times – even when working behind shielding.  The plexiglass is an additional barrier that should be used in situations where social distancing of at least six feet may not be possible – but protection against viral transmission is significantly reduced when masks are not worn. 


Flu Vaccine Clinic

We plan to hold an on-campus flu vaccine clinic on Thursday, October 1.  The campus community will be receiving a survey shortly from Barb Siebert regarding this clinic that will help us determine the number of vaccines necessary.  Please note that you do not need to obtain your flu vaccine through USciences; your local pharmacy or physician can also provide this service, which is covered by most health insurance.  Whether on-campus or elsewhere, we encourage you to get your flu shot! 


In order to maintain social distancing at our on-campus clinic, we will be asking individuals to sign up for a specific time slot.  We will be unable to accommodate walk-ins without an appointment.


Dining Services – Online Takeout

Students with a meal plan now have a number of options for ordering ahead, available at this link. Four different options are available:

  • Online Takeout – general takeout for all students

  • COVID-19/Quarantine meals – for students quarantined on campus

  • Sick Takeout – for students with non-COVID-19 illnesses on campus

  • ADA-approved Takeout – for students with approved meal accommodations


USciences COVID-19 Information


Thank you for your ongoing attention and support,


COVID-19 Task Force