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Civil Unrest - 6/3/2020

Civil unrest is expected continue this evening in parts of Philadelphia. Based on reports from law enforcement, all campus-based University operations are suspended for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Only life/public safety essential personnel should report to campus tomorrow. 

USciences Department of Public Safety is patrolling along with our public safety partners from University City District, Philadelphia Police and UPenn Police as we continue to monitor activities on and around campus with increased patrols. Please remain alert, avoid crowds and continue to comply with the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home order. 

USciences Department of Public Safety will continue our efforts to ensure the safety and security of our community. While we encourage community members to stay at home, please remember to request a walking escort should you need to leave your home outside of curfew hours. This can be requested by dialing 215-895-1117 or x1117 from any campus phone. The curfew for tonight, June 2nd, begins at 8:30pm.