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Dear USciences Campus Community,

Today, 7 August 2018, the Department of Public Safety, along with the Local Emergency Planning Committee, will be holding an emergency drill in one of our buildings on campus at an undisclosed time. This drill will make use of the campus text alert system e2Campus. Please expect to see messages that will have information that is pertinent to the drill. All messages regarding the drill will be identified as such by having THIS IS A DRILL before and after each message. Prior to the drill beginning, and after the drill ends, there will be messages notifying everyone on campus through our text system. In the event of a real life emergency during the drill, a message will be sent ending the drill. This would be followed by messages pertaining to the actual emergency.

If you are in the building indicated when the drill starts, we ask all occupants to treat the drill as a real emergency. Please respond as you normally would to a real situation.

The drill should last about 10-15 minutes. Any questions in this regard should be directed to either Director of Public Safety, Michael Stitley or Associate Director of Public Safety, Michael Lapotasky at m.stitley@usciences.edu or m.lapotasky@usciences.edu or via phone at extensions x1116 and x1118 respectively.

Thank you for your patience, support, and cooperation.

Thank you,

USciences Department of Public Safety