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Sexual Assault - Clark Park

Dear Campus Community,

The University was recently made aware of a sexual assault that occurred in Clark Park between December 16, 2017 and January 14, 2018 at approximately 9:00 PM. The assailant was not known to the victim, nor has the assailant been apprehended. We will continue to update the University community if and when additional information becomes available. Please remain aware of your surroundings and consider utilizing the following University services.

Please be reminded that for ALL emergencies Dial 911 first.

Be prepared to give your name, location, and nature of your emergency.


Also, please be reminded that the emergency number for USciences Public Safety Dispatch is 215-596-7000. 

You are encouraged to request safe transit and walking escorts provided by the following:

  • USciences Public Safety Walking Escorts: 215-895-1117
  • Penn Transit Shuttles: 215-898-7433
  • UCD Walking Escorts: 215-387-3942

Please monitor the following information sharing sources for your situational awareness:  

USciences Dept. of Public Safety Blackboard Page under the “My Community” tab at:


USciences Dept. of Public Safety TypePad Blog located at:


USciences Dept. of Public Safety Emergency Text Messaging via e2Campus (if you are not signed up, please take the time to do so):