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Student / Staff ID Cards and Access Control

Dear USciences Community,

We are pleased to announce that we have replaced all of the outdated exterior card readers.  This initiative will help ensure everyone’s safety by permitting access to the USciences buildings by only individuals with a valid USciences identification card.

Please remember that public safety is everyone’s responsibility. One-step that we can all take, is wearing our USciences identification card where it is visible. A visible identification card will help prevent access by unauthorized individuals to be on campus or in our buildings. We should not be opening doors for individuals not wearing a visible identification card.

If you have lost your identification card, please check our lost and found, which is located at the Public Safety office, in Alumni Hall. Additionally, if you need a lanyard please feel free to stop by the Public Safety office as well.  Thank you very much for doing your part in maintaining a safe USciences community.   


“Public Safety is on all of USciences”



Dear USciences Community,

Please see below for information regarding a series of robberies that have occurred within close proximity to our campus. The information below has been provided by UPenn Public Safety.

Please be reminded that for ALL emergencies Dial 911 first.

Be prepared to give your name, location, and nature of your emergency.


Also, please be reminded that the emergency number for USciences Public Safety Dispatch is 215-596-7000.

You are encouraged to request safe transit and walking escorts provided by the following:

USciences Public Safety Walking Escorts: 215-895-1117

Penn Transit Shuttles: 215-898-7433

UCD Walking Escorts: 215-387-3942

If you have not already done so, please sign up for our emergency text messaging system, e2Campus by clicking on the following link: http://alert.usciences.edu

Please also take the time to visit our Public Safety Blog regularly for helpful hints, safety bulletins, campus security tips, and general announcements from the USciences Dept. of Public Safety.

The following link will redirect you to our USciences Dept. of Public Safety Blog: http://emergency.usciences.edu 



Dear Members of the Penn Community:

Philadelphia Police are currently investigating a series of four robberies at point of gun that took place between 8:29 pm last night and 7:05 am this morning, between 43rd & 47th Streets and Spruce & Cedar Streets, just west of our campus and Patrol Zone. The suspect in all four robberies was described as a black male with a thin build and a beard, wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt, shorts, and spandex tights.

Penn Police are working with Philadelphia Police, the University City District and Allied Universal to increase patrols on our western border.

Public Safety will continue to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our community

Please take a moment to sign up for the new Penn Guardian App which can provide emergency personnel with helpful information and your location in an emergency.

For information on Penn Guardian and a link to the app go to: