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Public Safety Bulletin – Safety of Electronic Devices

Public Safety Bulletin – Safety of Electronic Devices

Around the country, and more recently on college campuses in our region, individuals have been seriously injured and property has been lost or damaged due to malfunctioning phones and their components.This month at Rowan University in New Jersey, a student received burn injuries to his hand and leg when an aftermarket portable charging unit exploded in his pocket along with his cell phone. Additionally, there have been consumer warnings issued about the use of aftermarket chargers that are not specifically designed by the manufacturer for use with each specific phone.

USciences Department of Public Safety would like all students to be aware of these hazards and exercise sound judgment and due caution with regard to these devices in an effort to protect the health, lives and property that comprise our campus community. In addition to the danger from heat and fire these devices, when burning, can give off noxious, poisonous gases as byproducts of incomplete combustion. If one of these devices does catch fire, do not attempt to handle the device, notify campus authorities immediately and distance yourself from the device following accepted procedures for fires on campus.

It is recommended to do the following:

  • Charge your phone using the original manufacturer provided charging cable or power unit
  • When charging devices, keep them in open well ventilated cool, dry places
  • Avoid overcharging devices by leaving them connected to a charger after the charge is complete (as in overnight, or while at class all day)
  • If your device has been recalled, please return it to your retailer for an exchange as soon as possible
  • If you must purchase a third party aftermarket charging device, it is recommended to check for product safety reviews before making your purchase

It is recommended that you avoid:

  • Charging your phone or device in your pocket, purse, bag, etc.
  • Overheating your phone or exposing it to extremely cold conditions while charging

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Your partners in safety,

USciences Department of Public Safety