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Exterior Doors on Card Access Only - UPDATE

Dear Campus Community,

Based on feedback received through Faculty Senate, Staff Assembly, and SGA, the Cabinet has decided to continue locking the exterior doors on campus buildings and then re-evaluate the policy after 90 days.

The campus community will be polled to determine how the system is working. If you encounter any problems, please report these issues to Public Safety via email at DPS@usciences.edu.

In order for the system to be most effective, please follow these do’s and don’ts:

  • Don’t piggyback or allow piggybacking into a building (i.e. don’t allow others to follow you into a building without swiping their own card for access)
  • Don’t loan, borrow, or use someone else’s ID Card
  • Don’t prop doors open
  • Don’t force doors open or closed as doing so will cause damage to the hardware
  • Do carry or wear your ID, and be prepared to present it upon request
  • Do see Terry Reilly in Auxiliary Services (t.reilly@usciences.edu) if you need a new ID
  • Do report any of the above improper actions (piggybacking, the use of someone else’s ID card, forcing or propping doors open) to Public Safety at DPS@usciences.edu
  • Do report any problems with the system to Public Safety via email at DPS@usciences.edu

Realizing that implementation of the access control system will impact visitor access as well as some deliveries, Public Safety is investigating how the card swipe system can be supplemented with modest technology upgrades to facilitate easier access in those circumstances. Please email Public Safety at DPS@usciences.edu if you expect to have visitors or deliveries needing building access in order that we can work with you to ease any inconvenience.

Looking forward, Public Safety is working with law enforcement agencies to provide video and simulation emergency response trainings over the next couple of months for all faculty, staff, and students.

We thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.


Kim Carter

Interim Director - Public Safety 215-895-1190