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4/1/2010: Help Prevent Campus Thefts

The Department of Public Safety is asking for your help in the prevention of thefts on campus. During the month of March, the Department of Public Safety has seen an increase in reported thefts. A majority of the reported thefts can be directly contributed to unattended or unsecured property.


You can make a significant contribution by adhering to a few simple theft prevention tips:


  • Never leave personal property unattended
  • Never place items in an unsecured locker
  • Report suspicious activity by calling 215.596.7000
  • When in a public place, keep valuable possessions out of sight
  • Keep book bags and other personal bags zipped at all times
  • Never leave valuable items in your vehicle
  • Keep residence rooms, labs, and office doors locked
  • Never prop open doors


If you do become a victim of crime, you should report it immediately to the local police authorities and the Department of Public Safety at 215.596.7000. The information you provide will assist us in providing a safe environment for the University community.