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3 posts from March 2010


40th Street Corridor Update

As of 4:30 p.m., the Department of Public Safety has not received any new information pertaining to incidents involving a large gathering of juveniles along the 40th Street Corridor (40th Street between Market and Baltimore/Woodland).

The University of Pennsylvania Division of Public Safety and the Philadelphia Police Department have a strong presence in the area to deter any potential problems.

Penn Alert - 40th Street Corridor

The University of Pennsylvania Division of Public Safety has been made aware through various sources that a large gathering of juveniles will be convening on the 40th Street corridor (between Market and Baltimore/Woodland) later this afternoon.

DPS is working closely with the City of Philadelphia and SEPTA Police to ensure there will be an enhanced police presence in the area.

Please plan your routes away from 40th Street this afternoon.


3/5/2010: Unattended Theft Awareness Tip

During the month of February, the Department of Public Safety reported a slight increase in the number of reportable crimes. The increase was directly contributed to an increase in unattended property theft. The Department is asking for everyone’s assistance in helping to reduce campus thefts by protecting your University and personal property.


You can make a significant contribution by adhering to a few simple security tips:


  • Never leave personal property unattended
  • Never place items in an unsecured locker
  • Report suspicious activity by calling 215.596.7000
  • When in a public place, keep valuable possessions out of sight
  • Keep book bags and other personal bags zipped at all times
  • Never leave valuable items in your vehicle
  • Keep residence rooms, labs, and office doors locked
  • Never prop open doors


If you do become a victim of crime, you should report it immediately to the local police authorities and the Department of Public Safety at 215.596.7000. The information you provide will assist us in providing a safe environment for the University community.


A Public Safety Tips category has been added to Emergency Information Website, please visit: