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Office & Classroom Holiday Security Tips

During the holiday season, the Department of Public Safety encourages everyone to take extra precautions to avoid becoming a victim of a crime.  Help Us, Help You to enjoy the holiday season.

    • Secure Doors And Windows When Leaving The Office
    • Keep Valuables And Personal Items Under Lock And Key
    • Never Leave Money In Your Desk
    • Maintain Key Control Procedures
    • Never Give Out Confidential Numbers, Information Or Passwords
    • Know Your Coworkers And Question Any Strangers/Delivery Persons/Repair Persons
    • Adhere To All Access Control Procedures And Carry Your ID Card
    • Report Suspicious Activity And Incidents To The DPS
    • Report Broken Locks, Doors, And Windows
    • Keep Your Personal Life Personal
    • Be Cautious When Working Late - When Possible Travel With Others Or Use the Escort Services Provided By DPS

If you do become a victim of crime, you should report it immediately to the local police authorities and the Department of Public Safety at 215.596.7000, or e-mail DPS@usp.edu if the incident occurred on or near campus. The information you provide will assist us in providing a safe environment for the University community.