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11/19/2009: H1N1 Vaccination Update

In two recent clinics, the University has provided 1,100 individuals in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) at-risk groups with the opportunity to receive the vaccine. The H1N1 program has marshaled the resources of numerous campus departments including trained faculty from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy who administered the shots. Student volunteers were also crucial to the success of the event through their promotional efforts to encourage their peers to receive the vaccine as well as their assistance on-site.


Further information regarding H1N1 vaccination clinic dates, times and locations will be distributed once additional vaccine supplies are released to the University. University representatives continue to work directly with the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health Division of Disease Control (PDPHDDC) in H1N1 preparedness and facilitating an H1N1 vaccination program for individuals who are considered at higher risk for influenza or influenza-related complications.


A separate, but equally important, seasonal flu program was recently completed, leading to 544 individuals (306 students and 238 faculty/staff) being vaccinated against seasonal influenza.