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10/9/09: Vital Operations H1N1/Flu-Like Illness Preparedness Guidelines

The information outlined below was developed to assist Colleges and Departments in creating and maintaining a plan for use during the H1N1/flu-like illness pandemic that may threaten the viability and business continuity of the University.

  • Colleges/Departments should encourage faculty and staff to discuss with their supervisor and colleagues ways to minimize class and office disruption because of absenteeism due to flu-like illness.
  • Colleges/Departments should identify individuals who can provide education assistance and those who are cross-trained so that vital functions can continue in someone’s absence.
  • Colleges should explore the possibility that there may be a need to extend the semester/academic year if it becomes necessary to make up time in the event that too many classes are canceled as a result of absenteeism from flu-like illness.