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10/27/2009: H1N1 Vaccine Availability Update

University of the Sciences has requested vaccine from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health Division of Disease Control (PDPHDDC) for all members of the University who fit the Center for Disease Control criteria. To date, we have not received any of the Influenza (A) H1N1 vaccine. Due to manufacturing issues, the expected distribution has been limited around the country. It has arrived in very limited quantities for distribution in Philadelphia to some area hospitals, universities, and the Philadelphia School District.


We continue to work closely with the PDPHDDC so that we are prepared to deliver the vaccine once it becomes available. Please keep in mind that the H1N1 vaccine is NOT the same as the seasonal flu shot. If you are among the population recommended for the seasonal flu shot, you should consider getting one. Information about the seasonal flu vaccine can be found on the emergency information website. 


Additional information regarding H1N1 vaccination availability, dates, times, and location will be distributed once the vaccine is released to the University. Please visit the emergency information website for more information on PERSONAL STEPS TO TAKE to prevent the spread of influenza.